We stock a wide range of sands and aggregates for use with our Lime products. Below are some samples of the various grades available.

3mm Sand Sample of 3mm Sand for use with Hydraulic Lime
3-5mm Granite Sample of 3-5mm Granite
5mm Sand Sample of 5mm Sand for use with Hydraulic Lime
3-5mm Limestone Grit Sample of 3-5mm Limestone Grit
In order to produce a mortar of specific colour and texture, the correct sand and NHL must be selected. We can provide advice with regard to the various options available.
You can call us on 059-91501750. Alternatively you can e-mail on our contact page.
  • 1, 3 and 5 mm Wexford silica rich sand
  • 5 and 3 mm Limestone
  • 2 and 3 mm Granite
  • White Limestone Chippings (pebble)