St. Astier Lime Paint

St. Astier lime paints help buildings to breathe, readily allowing moisture to evaporate. The range of surfaces and backgrounds which can be painted with St. Astier lime paints is far greater than that of conventional lime washes. Although not every surface is suitable, many cement, concrete, gypsum, stone, brick and lining paper backgrounds readily accept St. Astier lime paints.

St. Astier lime paints are suitable for brush or spray application. They are non-toxic and do not harm the environment.

Beeckosil 12.5 Liter Bucket of Beeckosil

BEECK - Beeckosil

Highest quality silicate paint for exterior use on brick, stone, lime and concrete. Thin with BEECK fixative. Totally vapour permeable and UV resistant with maximum lifespan.

Renosil 12.5 Liter Bucket of Renosil

BEECK - Renosil

Silicate based paint for use on brick, stone, lime, concrete as well as  previously painted surfaces. Highly vapour permeable and UV resistant.


Beeck Maxil 12.5 Liter Bucket of Beeck Maxil

BEECK - Maxil Pro Paint

Highest quality, solvent free, interior silicate paint for a wide range of backgrounds. Available in a full range of colours from white to full deep tones.
Fully vapour permeable.

Beeck Insil 12.5 Liter Bucket of Beeck Insil

BEECK - Insil

Beeck Insil is a solvent free, ready to use interior silicate paint. It is wash proof and suitable for high traffic rooms in private, commercial and administrative buildings. Available in white or pale colour tones.
Aglaia Natural Resin Paint 10 Liter Bucket of Aglaia Natural Resin Paint

Aglaia - Natural Resin Paint

Solvent free interior wall paint. Suitable for public and private buildings. This natural resin emulsion is composed of vegetable stand oils and tree resins, totally free of synthetic ingredients.
Available in a full range of colours from white to full deep tones.

Aglaia Lime Casein Paint Bag of Lime Casein Paint

Aglaia Lime Casein Paint (Distemper)

Open-pored, low tension interior distemper coating, used on lime-compatible substrates, such as firm lime or gypsum plaster and loam. Available in white or toned on site with compatible pigments.


Beeck Etching Fluid 10 Liter Container of Beeck Etching Fluid

BEECK - Etching Fluid

Acidic concentrate fluid. For the removal of the sinter skin on new renders.

Beeck Fixative 10 Liter Container of Beeck Fixative

BEECK - Fixative

Priming and binder for Beeck Silicate paints.

Beeck Fungicide 10 Liter Container of Beeck Fungicide

BEECK - Fungicide

Protection from algae, lichen and mould on mineral facades, and external thermal insulation composite systems.

Beeck Paint Stripper 5 Liter Can of Beeck Paint Stripper

BEECK - Paint Stripper

Effective stripper for external lacquer, latex and emulsion paints.
Beeck SP Plus 10 Liter Can of SP Plus


Highly Alkaline resistant. For the long term preservation of mineral facades.
Aglaia Wall Primer 10 Liter Container of Aglaia Wall Primer

Aglaia - Wall Primer

Water thinnable, colourless concentrate sealer for absorbent lime and gypsum plaster, gypsum board, loam or clay and plaster and concrete.


Exterior Stand Oil Paint .75 Liter can of Beeck Exterior Stand Oil Paint

BEECK - Exterior Stand Oil Paint

Resin free, rick oil lacquer. For exterior woodwork and ferrous metal.
Aglaia Interior Lacquer .75 Liter can of Aglaia Interior Lacquer

Aglaia - Interior Lacquer

Vegetable oil lacquer for interior topcoats on woodwork or ferrous metal.

Aglaia Interior Wood Glaze .75 Liter can of Aglaia Interior Wood Glaze

Aglaia - Interior Wood Glaze

Waterproof natural resin oil glaze. For use on interior woodwork.
Aglaia Hard resin Oil .75 Liter Can of Aglaia Hard resin Oil

Aglaia - Hard Resin Oil

A hard wearing natural resin oil. Suitable for interior use on hard wearing wooden surfaces.

Aglaia Liquid Wax 10 Liter Can of Aglaia Liquid Wax

Aglaia - Liquid Wax

Wax preparation for oil finished solid wood and wood based materials, e.g. wall and ceiling panels, shelving etc.

Aglaia Wood Primer 10 Liter Can of Aglaia Wood Primer

Aglaia - Wood Primer

Water-proof resin-oil primer composed of linseed extracts.

Aglaia Undercoat .75 Liter can of Aglaia Undercoat

Aglaia - Undercoat

Opaque white, lightly filling high solid undercoat for lacquering wood, wood-based materials and ferrous metals in interior and exterior areas.

Aglaia Balsam Lacquer Thinner 10 Liter Container of Aglaia Balsam Lacquer Thinner

Aglaia - Balsam Lacquer Thinner

Thinner with high dissolving power for oily lacquers, wood glazes, hard oils and primers.

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