St. Astier Natural Hydraulic Limes


The Traditional Lime Company is the sole Irish importer of Chaux & Enduits Saint Astier Natural Hydraulic Limes. This is a range of Natural Hydraulic Limes which imparts plasticity, elasticity, strength, low shrinkage and early frost resistance to a mortar.

St. Astier products are derivatives of pure limestone/silica deposits from the company's own quarries in Western France. The company thus has complete control over the quality of the raw material and of the production process.

The degree to which St. Astier products enable mortar to be customised for each job makes them excellent for all types of work, including new builds, restorations and conservation projects.

NHL 2 25kg bag of St.Astier NHL2

St. Astier NHL2

Hydraulic lime for fine plastering and work with friable (easily crumbled), weak or earthen materials.

NHL 3.5 25kg bag of St.Astier NHL 3.5

St. Astier NHL3.5

Moderately hydraulic lime for building and render in most weather conditions on solid masonry.

NHL 5 25kg bag of St.Astier NHL 5

St. Astier NHL5

Eminently hydraulic lime for exposed conditions, marine environments or where higher strength is required.

St. One 25kg bag of St.Astier St. One

St. Astier St. One

Specially formulated mortar, based on Natural Hydraulic Lime and aggregates for the repair or simulation of masonry, brick, or stone. Comes naturally in a neutral white, however can be pigmented to accurately match the colour your project needs.

St. Astier Ecomortar Series

Eco-Mortar 25kg bag of St.Astier Eco-Mortar

Ready mixed lime mortar containing additives designed for application to difficult backgrounds. Highly suitable for repairing or recoating of cement mortars, gypsum plasters and composite backgrounds where different materials are present (plasterboard, concrete, timber, ceramic, paint etc.). Free from cement, for internal use only.

Coulinex 25kg bag of St.Astier Coulinex

St. Astier Coulinex

Pre-mixed fine grouting mortar.

50/50    Coulinex - Sand

75/50    Coulinex - Sand

Thermocromex 25kg bag of St.Astier Thermocromex

St. Astier Thermocromex 

A ready-mix, one coat rendering mortar designed to be applied by spraying on most surfaces, including clay blocks and light weight blocks.

Prependuit 35kg bag of St.Astier Prependuit


Ready Mixed renders and plasters preparation mortar for most types of backgrounds including plasterboard, painted surfaces and surfaces of different material.

Hourdex 25kg bag of Hourdex

St. Astier Hourdex

A multi-use binder for building mortars, renders stipple and basecoat, roofing, chimneys and floor tiling. Hourdex has a creamier colour than other St. Astier NHLs, which are known for their natural whiteness.

Tradiblanc 25kg bag of Tradiblanc

St. Astier Tradiblanc

A multi use natural lime binder for building mortars, roofing, chimneys and floor tiling. Natural hydraulic lime with the addition of white cement and additives. Similar to Hourdex, except white in colour for better sand colour reproduction

Batinchanvre 25kg bag of Batinchanvre

St. Astier Batichanvre

Low density binder based on natural hydraulic limes for the production of hemp mortars.

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