Natural Insulation Materials & Associated Building Products

Geocell Insulation Gravel Geocell Expanded Glass Gravel


Load bearing, insulation glass gravel for ground slabs.

Leca Clay Aggregate 1cm Leca Clay Aggregate


Expanded clay aggregate with insulating and fire resistant qualities. Suitable for bulk fills.

Hemp Shives Sample of Hemp Shives


Hemp shives for the use in hemp building projects.
Prompt Cement Binder 25kg bag of Prompt

A natural cement binder. For repairs of historic Roman Cement or engineering repair work where a fast setting mortar is needed.

Riven Laths Just some of our Riven Laths (3' 6")

Riven Lath

Hand split lath for lath and plaster panels or ceilings.

4ft Bundle of 50     

3ft 6in Bundle of 50

3ft Bundle of 50     

Glass Fiber Plastering Mesh Roll of Plastering Mesh

Glass Fiber Plastering Mesh

Mesh for reinforcement of lime plaster and renders.

Hessian Roll of Hessian for protection of lime mortar.


Hessian is used to protect lime mortars, renders and washes during the curing process.
Burnt Sand Mastic Sample of Burnt Sand Mastic

Burnt Sand Mastic

Burnt sand mastic is used to form joints between timber window and door frames and masonry.

St. Astier Uniprotect 10 Liter Container of Uniprotect


UNIPROTECT is a clear protection coating applicable externally or internally on surfaces as concrete, stone, bricks, clay terracotta, lime renders, gypsum. It provides protection against  acid rain, frost, bio growth and dirt. Also used as an additive to lime wash.