A range of Lime mortar additives

We stock various additives for use with our Lime products, should they be needed.

Please consult us as to whether additives may be beneficial to the project in hand and for the types which should be used.


In certain cases when working with Lime, pozzolans may be needed to accelerate the set. We offer a range of pozzolans including brick dust, PFA, and Metastar.

Hairs and Fibres

Usually required for ceiling and lath work, we stock various hairs, including goat and horse hair. We also stock a selection of synthetic fibes, should they be required for certain specifications.

Pigments and Ochres

We stock a range of various, dry pigments and ochres in various traditional colours and tones.

As of yet we cannot take your order online. If you wish to order any products and speak with our staff you can call us on 059 9151750. Alternatively you can e-mail us through our contact page.